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Home Movies Preservation Guide

Simple guidelines for the preservation of motion picture film material.

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IPI Storage Guide for Acetate Film

The IPI Storage Guide for Acetate Film provides an overview of environmental specifications for film storage. It explains the relationship between temperature, relative humidity (RH), and “vinegar syndrome,” the slow chemical decomposition of acetate plastics leading to loss of their value in a film collection.

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Born‐Digital Video Preservation: A Final Report

 Report focuses on issues about he preservation of digital video files and formats.

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Media Best Practices

This report deals with best practices for the digital conversion of film, video and audio files.  

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The Film Preservation Guide

An extensive multi-chapter film preservation guide provided by the National Film Preservation Foundation.

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Film Preservation: A Critical Symposium

An article by Janice Allen and Bill Brand on the various issues about film and video preservation from a symposum hosted by Cineaste.

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Digital Moving Images and Sound Archiving Study

In-depth report on video and film preservation issues.

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Preserving Motion Pictures and Sound

A report by Richard Wright who was formerly a technology manager at the BBC archives provides an in-depth article on the preservation of film & video.

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